In order to better respond to Internet security challenges and exchange the latest security technologies and solutions, the largest domestic professional information security conference, the 2013 China Internet Security Conference, will be held in Beijing from September 23 to 25, 2013. The conference will be led by the National Computer Network Emergency Response Technical Team Coordination Center of China , Internet Society of China and sponsored by 360, with support and deep involvement from renowned organizations, such as the National Engineering Laboratory for Network Security Emergency Technology, OWASP and Gartner. Other professional security conferences, such as SyScan, will also be introduced. The conference will consist of an Internet security meeting, a professional technology forum, business talks, exhibitions for products and solutions and a competition focused on the prevention of network attacks. The conference and technology forum will focus on in-depth exchanges on hot topics regarding Internet security, technologies, products and applications, including mobile security, security for cloud computing, corporate security, big data security, Web security, data security, emerging threats, network privacy and software security.

Ticket Type/Discount Period July 22-August 18 August 19-September 8 September 8-September 21
Security Conference Pass 1999 RMB 2999 RMB 3999 RMB
Ticket for Key Forums 1199 RMB 1499 RMB 1999 RMB
Ticket for Technology Forum 399 RMB 499 RMB 599 RMB
Ticket for SyScan360 2500 RMB 2500 RMB 2500 RMB

  • Tan Xiaosheng

    2013 China Internet Security Conference

    Vice President and Chief Privacy Officer of 360

We are currently in the process of inviting other guest speakers and hope more will be added soon

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