Date: Sept 4-6 2018

Venue: National Convention Center

The China Internet Security Conference 2018 (ISC) invites cybersecurity experts from leading think tanks and security vendors around the world to share your expertise at ISC 2018, the largest Asia-pacific security event with the highest level and widest influence, so as to bring audience the most remarkable speeches and latest researches.

ISC 2018 has become the leading platform to share industry insights and technologies. Your speech in ISC will deeply influence over 40 000 attendees from Asia pacific as well as global cybersecurity industry.

Major speech sessions

1. Industrial Network Security

2. AI & Security

3. Cloud Computing Security

4. Mobile Security

5. Vulnerability & Source Code Security

6. Digital Forensics Technology & Development

7. Big Data and Threat Analysis

8. Security Response

9. Cryptography Technology

10. Blockchain and Security

11. Security Talent Cultivation and Actual Combat

Selection Criteria

Selection committee will review all submitted abstracts and select presentations based on the following aspects:

1、 Working experience and academic achievement of the speaker;

2、 Previous speech experience in major international conferences;

3、 Major research achievements of the speaker;

4、 Whether the topic meets requirement of ISC 2018;

5、 Whether the topic is insightful, covers latest technology;


Speakers will be entitled to the following privileges:

* Reimbursement of air-ticket for one person up to a maximum amount of USD1500.

* 3 nights of accommodation.

* Breakfast, lunch and dinner during conference.

* The presenter will be granted a bonus of 500-1500¥ for the new and original presentation based on quality.

* Only for Non-profit organizations or individuals.


All submissions must be in English and in PDF format only via

The following information must be included.

Section A - Personal Data:

1. Name

2. Handler/Alias

3. Email Address

4. Belonging institution

5. Brief introduction (name, birthdate, belonging institution, unofficial title, expertise, academic achievement, patents)

6. Photo

Section B - Presentation Data:

1. Title of presentation:

2. Category of Presentation

3. Time Required for Presentation

4. Newness of Material

5. Availability of Demo

6. Summary of Presentation

Summary of Presentation

Submission Due date: June, 30, 2018

Review Due Date: July, 10, 2018

Feedback Due Date: July 10, 2018


Please feel free to visit ISC website to get a feel what this conference is all about - LEARN AND HAVE FUN!

By agreeing to speak at the 2018 ISC you are granting the Organiser of 2018 ISC the rights to reproduce, distribute, advertise and show your presentation including but not limited to / printed and/or electronic advertisements, and all other mediums.

For General Inquiries
Contacts: Yajie Wei
Tel: +86 (0) 10 52447986
For Business Cooperation
Contacts: Xin Jingwei
Tel: +86 (0) 10 52447758

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